Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Most Successful Female Rapper Of All Time

Music has had its share of successful female rappers including old time greats, Queen Latifa and Little Kim but lately in the Hip Hop arena, we have yet to see a female rap artist attain success next to the likes of the male dominated genre. This tale held true until an eccentric, Spunky, fun whited, and quirky lyrical artist stepped on the scene in 2009 with a slew of music features on other artists singles and topping the charts at number 1 with her first hit single "Your Love". Ever since the rapstress has stepped foot on the hip hop scene her consistency with producing great records and growing fan base, has made the barbie beauty a force to reckon with. When comparing the statistics to other female lyricists to date, Nicki Minaj can be hailed as the most successful female rapper of all time.

According to Carlton other female rap artists album sales produced a certain amount of numbers, the details are as follows.

Da Baddest B***h – 33K
Diamond Princess – 67K
Glamorest Life – 77K
Still Da Baddest – 47K
Amazin – 33K

Lil Kim 
Hardcore – 78K
The Notorious K.I.M. – 230K
La Bella Mafia – 166K
The Naked Truth – 109K

Missy Elliott 
Supa Dupa Fly – 129K
Da Real World – 131K
Miss E So Addictive – 250K
Under Construction – 259K
This Is Not A Test – 143K
The Cookbook – 176K

*Drum Rolls Please*

According to the Statistics, Nicki Minaj effortlessly supersedes all with only a mere two albums released, if the lyricist is able to maintain these type of numbers for her third album, then I believe it is safe to say that she is an artist rapping consumer friendly greatness, an act banking in her own lane. I look forward to hear more music coming from Nicki Minaj and to watch her empire grow as she becomes the most 
successful woman in Hip Hop today. To learn more about Minaj please visit her website at


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  1. I agree with you for sure about Nicki becoming the most successful artist today but we have to remember who made the path that Nicki is able to walk on today. Eventhough yes today in hiphop, she is doing more than anyone else....she is not the most successful female rapper.

    First off, Missy Elliot not only is a 5 time grammy award winner, she has numerous mtv, bet, american music awards, and all of her records have gone platinum. She has sold more records than any female rapper today.

    LiL Kim along with Eve can also say the say the same with all of their albums receiving platinum or gold certifications, grammys, and numerous other awards.

    Its just not fair to put Nicki in the same league with these fellow other rappers without considering all the work they put into getting their accomplishments and also how long they have been in the music industry. Nicki rose to fame three years ago and by the looks of it, it does seem she is going to be in it for a long time to come as long as she keeps reinventing herself. But Lil kim, Eve, have been doing it for 10 plus years. Missy for sure is her own artist from being a world renowned record producer, singer, songwriter, dancer and has wrote and produced for so many notable artists such as the late Aaliyah, Destiny Child and Ginuwine. Also Missy has been in the music industry for almost if not over 20years.

    All Im saying is please do your research more before you put Nicki in the same category with these great female rappers of all time

    1. Since 2010 (just three years) Nicki has had: 6 American Music Awards Noms (wining favorite rap artist and album in both 2011 and 2012), 9 BET award noms (winning 6 so far, best new artist in 2010, favorite female hip-hop artist in 2010,2011,2012, and pending for 2013), 4 Grammy Award noms including best new artist, 2 peoples choice award noms (winning in 2013 for favorite female hip-hop artist), and many many other awards. So you can say she is not on the same level as the previously listed artists because in a short three years she has racked up an impressive amout of awards. Not to mention having 2 Billboard number 1 albums (more then any other female rap artist) and having her second one debut number one. Both her albums are platinum RIAA. Nicki has three singles certified gold RIAA, has four singles that are Platinum RIAA, and two that are certifed 4x platinum RIAA. (and this is only counting her singles where she is the lead artist) So im pretty sure Nicki is the most successful given her first album only dropped 3 short years ago and she has a HUGE list of accomplishment, and she is obviously going no where soon.

  2. Wait so you used first week sales instead of overall sales? interesting. if we're looking at statistics nicki is not the most successful. maybe the most commercially successful and famous. nicki isn't the first female rapper to break records and won't be the last.

  3. It's a lot easier to make those numbers in a digital world. Respectfully, you are comparing apples to oranges. Trina, Kim, and Missy fans actually stood on lines and made most of those purchases.